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These are all questions that you need to be asking yourself that will relate to your financial future or your families financial future. If your answers are NO, Maybe, I don’t know, you need to speak with a financial advisor to steer you in the right direction for ease of mind and security should any of the above questions take place.

It’s even more important in today’s ever changing economy to make sure all your finances are in place.

Contacting Chris Palmer of AAM Financial gives you his years of experience in the financial services industry and can help you easily answer these questions and help find the solution that is just right for you.

Don’t wait until its too late, take action today and put the worry behind you.

by: David M. Cvet

Owner/Operator Wine Kitz

New Minas

A nose for Wine

and a brain for finding it!

It is summer and likely you have been battling Drosophila melanogaster – the common fruit fly – for access to your wine.  Sometimes it seems they can find a glass of wine even before you have had a sip.  And where there is one fruit fly there are sure to be more that follow.

It isn’t by accident that fruit flies find your wine, they are experts at sniffing out faint odors that appeal to them (and wine is at the top of the fruit fly list!) and they are also experts at quickly honing in on the source of the wonderful wine smell.    Their behavior, it turns out, of moving around and testing the strength of the smell in different directions, is much like our own when we try to determine the source of a particular smell.   When we enter a room with a new smell for instance, we start to go in different directions to sniff out the source of the odor, responding to increases or decreases in the smell to guide us.

The strategy that the fruit fly is following matches a mathematical rule that allows them to maximize their chances of finding your wine.  It is an algorithm called Levy’s distribution and it describes the flight path of fruit flies when seeking out a potential food source.   Described in a research paper co-authored by Mark Frye of UCLA, despite having an extremely tiny brain, the fruit fly is able to integrate information from both its sense of smell and vision and transform this into an efficient flight behavior pattern.

It’s hard to beat the math.  Keep your wine glass covered or use an insulated tumbler!

Are YOU prepared……


If you Die too Soon?


If you LIVE too Long?


If you Get a SERIOUS Illness?

Homeopathy for Headaches and Migraines

Sarah Trask, HD (RHom), DSHM (Hons)

There are hundreds of types and causes of headaches and Homeopathy is such an effective treatment, especially when your headaches are severe. When you see a Homeopath, the prescription is found after careful investigation of the individual and what is particular about their headache. For example, most migraine sufferers are sensitive to light and noise but a particular individual may wake up with a headache, and it slowly dissipates throughout the day. One migraine sufferer may vomit from the pain and another individual’s pain may feel relieved after vomiting.

There are hundreds of possible remedies for the treatment of headaches so the key is finding which homeopathic remedy most closely matches your symptoms. I often find that during the treatment, I use an overall constitutional treatment as a preventative for the headaches returning, and I often provide the patient with an acute remedy to use if they by chance get a headache during constitutional treatment. The constitutional treatment often works within 3 months, and acutely will help within minutes of taking it. They are very safe, and effective, and Homeopathic treatment often cures the root cause of the headaches, so the individual sufferer doesn’t have to rely on pain medication anymore.

An example is Patient X, who came to see me for left sided migraines, behind the left eye which was accompanied by zig zags in the vision. This patient experienced these headaches for 2 weeks leading up to the period and would go away during menstruation. Their headache was worse from lying down and better for continued motion. They often felt the headache was at its worst between 3-5pm. The remedy given matched Sepia Officianalis and 2 pellets were given immediately after menstruation. The patient found the intensity of the headache was 50% better that month, and by the second month, did not occur at all. This patient has not had a recurrence of the headache in 2+ years.

There is no need to suffer with headaches when you can consult with a Homeopath!

Kingston Lions Support
Valley Medical Shuttle

"King Lion Pat Nixon from the Kingston Lions Club is shown presenting a Cheque for $1,500.00 to Debbie Decker, Manager of the Trans County Transportation Society to be put towards maintaining the Valley Medical Shuttle coverage for the Western portion of Kings County. The medical shuttle is a vital service providing affordable transportation to patients who are required to attend Hospital and Specialist appointments in Halifax.  This donations was possible in part due to the proceeds raised through our weekly Bingos".